About us

Hi! We’re Rohin and Mansi, nature and safari lovers from North India. Together we are Jungle Babbler, a travel and adventure brand taking you around the wilderness through our diverse experiences, and inspiring you to create your own.

Our idea of a holiday is slathering dollops of sunscreen and insect repellent and being around creepy crawlies and gentle giants under the mighty bright sun! We can’t wait to see what adventure awaits us next so we can capture it in all its glory and share it with you!

The Babblers

Rohin Bakshi

Rohin is hopefully a soon-to-be management consultant by profession (thank you COVID-19) but a definite wildlife lover and aspiring wildlife photographer. When not working (and sometimes while working), he is  engrossed in planning the next trip into the wild and how he can squeeze another park into his itinerary. In his own words: “If I am happy- give me my camera and put me in a jeep; If I am sad- give me my camera and put me in a jeep; If I am angry- give me my camera and put me in a jeep; If I am hungry- give me my camera AND A SANDWICH, and put me in a jeep.

Mansi Sharma

Mansi is a digital strategist chasing clients on most days and tigers on the remaining. She travels to explore the offbeat, listen to gripping stories, notice the harsh realities and be awestruck by nature’s incredible wonders! She lives a freewheeling life and enjoys binging on muskmelons and writing bios of herself in third person.